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About us





The Science Shop Ispra is a non-governmental, non-profit research institute and National Contact Point for science shop activities in Italy. It was founded in March 2006 in Ispra on the shore of Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy, within close reach of several research facilities of national and international reputation. 

The Science Shop Ispra mission is to share knowledge with the local society, as encouraged by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7. The specific goals are

  • to promote the opportunity for better communication between science and society;

  • to stimulate an involvement of the local civil society in research topics of local concern, so called 'community based research' or 'participatory research';

  • to provide a wide and profound dissemination of scientific knowledge and good practice;

  • to initiate pilot studies for communities of similar social, economic and environmental settings in Italy and Europe;

  • to create transnational learning opportunities for students and earlystage researchers involved in science shop activities.



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